Womb Circle Sister Gatherings

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Women's Circle Gatherings

Womb Circle Gatherings

Women's Circle Gatherings

Sacred Womb Sisters it’s Time to Mark your calendar, get ready & let’s PLAY!!!


When two or more sisters gather together in one place, they can effect change!  United, Beloved Sisters…..We can Do Just That!

Beginning November 2, 2016  We UNITE in the Name of Sisterhood


Our conversations will become intimate as we go LIVE on Video, getting to know one another in a more Personal Space, while we begin dancing with some of the most Prominent Wounds of the Womb.


We’ll be talking about the Emotions of:

  • Shame

  • Guilt

  • Anger

  • Fear

  • And Addressing the Mother’s Wounding



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With Womb Sister Love
Tamara SpirituaMidwife
Womb Shaman-ess High Priestess

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