What You’ll Discover During the Womb-A-Thon

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Calling All Women to the Womb-A-Thon


Sisters, are You sitting in the space “in between” leaving the Mother energy, yet not fully standing in the Wise Blood of the Crone?


Women’s Issues, Women’s Reproductive Systems, Women’s Sexuality & Pleasure Centers and Women’s Power are Grossly Neglected by our society.


It is my Intention & Purpose to bring Change so ALL Women Experience a level of Wholeness within their Be-ing!


Sisters, we’re Creating a Movement together to effect Positive Change for ALL Women across the globe.¬† Helping women to fall madly, deeply, crazily in LOVE with their Self so they can Fully Claim & Own their Womb Power.


What you’ll find when you join us during the Womb-A-Thon is a group of Like Minded Women on a Mission to Wake Women to the Sacredness of the Womb.

We’ll be discussing things like the changes taking place within a woman’s body as she moves through the menopausal process and what you can do NOW to ease some of your discomfort.


We’ll be discussing the “metaphysical/spiritual” aspect of Fibroids and how you can combine all aspects of “healing” options as you embark upon an inner journey of exploration.


We’ll be discussing how physical trauma to the body, such as sexual abuse, sexual trauma, rape, to just name a few.¬† This is a “Don’t Miss” womb story conversation you Want to make sure you listen to if you’ve had any type of Sexual Trauma!


We’ll be discussing the Emotions of the Womb, such as Anger, Guilt, Shame and how they continue to affect ALL types of Relationships in your life!


Find out if your Vagina is Angry!


Find out how to create a Divine Child


Find out how to deepen the Intimacy with your Partner


Gain an Understanding of the “Selfs” and how you can Step Into the Truth which is YOU, and live the Life you KNOW deep within YOU are meant to live


Know You ARE A Goddess!


To Read More About all the Womb Topics we’ll be sharing and How You can Participate¬† & Enjoy.


Click over to the EVENT Page or if you haven’t yet already Registered to Join us in the FUN, simply input your Name & Email address in the box to the Right.



See YOU on the Inside


With Womb Sister Love

Tamara SpritualMidwife



  1. kathryn elmore |

    Hello dear goddess’
    I enjoy Cindy Linsey’s offerings. I have received her offerings as spiritual healing and did attend her Womb workshop in September of 2000. Very informative and I took away the Fire Practice – which honors and cleanses the Womb of negative karma/kama, not only for myself – for all females. I have used this practice since the time I received this gift.

    • Tamara SpiritualMidwife |

      Dearest Sacred Sister Kathryn

      Thank you so much for sharing your love & support for Cindy!!! She is Fantastic! I Love her energy! I Love the way in which she shows up in the world and I LOVE her!

      I’m so grateful she said YES when I invited her to be a Womb Sister Expert for the Womb-A-Thon and I’m very happy to see you’ll be joining us!

      Just to share a bit with you, during the Live event which will be taking place July 31st thru Aug 1st. I’ll be posting more shortly.

      Thank you for sharing your love to Cindy

      With Womb Sister Love


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