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Your Womb-A-Thon Womb Sister Speakers


It brings me Great JOY to bring you some of the most Amazing Womb Sisters I’ve met along my own Womb Journey!


Let me introduce you to each of them;

Cindy Lindsay  Cindy Lindsay is an amazing, funny woman who holds within her  great ancient teachings & wisdom.  She brings a level of a unique way at looking at “Womb Work”



Theresa-C.-Dintino1 Theresa C. Dintino brings her heritage of the Strega.  She is an author of Waking Lilith: Awakening and Welcoming Pure Feminine Power, and  The Strega and The Dreamer, just to mention a few.  She connects us with our ancestors!



Jacqueline Rolandelli Jacqueline Rolandelli brings her special gifts as she is an open channel for the Divine Mother who speaks & transmits through her!  She is a brilliant, radiant light within the sacred womb.



Piara Kaur Piara Kaur is “out of this world” she brings many outlets for women to release trauma and embrace their power as women.  She radiates a light so bright, one can clearly see the path before them when she’s the guide!



Susan Gala Susan Gala is a Womb Whisperer & a Womb Genie!  She’s powerful, she’s loving she’s supporting and she’ll also help you step outside your level of comfort.  I Love her Radiance!




Tamara SpiritualMidwife Tamara SpiritualMidwife, your Host…your Womb Shaman-ess & High Priestess of the Goddess…..bringing you the Womb-A-Thon.  It is my Mission to Awaken Women to the Sacredness of the Womb and Connecting them with the inherent Power, as Women, we hold within the Sacred Womb.


To Read More About our Fabulous Six Sacred Womb Sister Speakers & Check out the Gifts they Offer as a Thank You, When you Register to Join us on the Womb-A-Thon


With Womb Sister Love

Tamara SpiritualMidwife



  1. Sandy Andresen |

    Congratulations on this inspired and inspirational Womb-A-Thon. You have been so instrumental in what I call Transmutation of the Metaphors of the Feminist Imagination. Love Love Love!

    • Tamara SpiritualMidwife |

      Dearest Sacred Sister Sandy – Thank you for sharing your kind words of sister love!!! I’m so grateful for this whole sacred womb experience!! Through this whole process I’ve grown so much! Thank you for stopping by and joining with us! I know individually and collectively we can make a difference!
      With Womb Sister Love
      Tamara SpiritualMidwife


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