Let the Replays Begin!

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Whoooo Hooooo Let the Replays & the Fun Begin!




Beautiful Sacred Womb Sisters


It’s Here!!  It’s FINALLY HERE!!!!  You asked, we listened.  This event is just Too Good to keep private!!


We talk about Issues, Women’s Issues we’re each faced every day!  We cover everything from physical issues within a woman’s body to deeply rooted emotions fueled by old programs & beliefs.


We even go into some of those “taboo” topics such as sexual abuse, sexual trauma and we even go deep into what it means for a woman who learns to Stand in HER Power!


One of my most favorite topics we discussed was how our Womb’s Woundings affect EVERY RELATIONSHIP in our Lives, Including the Relationship we have with our SELF!!!


Register Here to Recieve the Womb-A-Thon Replays



With Womb Sister Love
Tamara SpirituaMidwife
Womb Shaman-ess High Priestess

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