From Wounds to Wisdom 9 Month Birthing Program

From Wounds to Wisdom – Your Womb Story – Preparing to Birth Your True Self


Sacred Womb

This is for YOU, if You KNOW, you are a woman waking to the Sacredness of her Womb and are ready to move forward in healing, uniting and embracing your journey to Oneness!


As mentioned during the event, this 9 month program is based upon the concept of You, Giving Birth to Self, Your TRUE Self!


Together during our 9 months together, we will dive deep into identifying & clearing your Womb’s Woundings, through a process called WombMapping


We will explore together finding the deepest crevices of emotions, feelings, old stories & out-dated beliefs blocking you from uniting you with the Sacredness of the Earth Mother’s Womb.


We then move through the Dance of  the “Selfs”™ Including:  Self Worth, Self Value, Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Self Love, Self Respect, Self Acceptance, Self Assuredness, Self Image, and a few others including self doubt & self sacrificing


We will spend time in shifting your Old Womb’s Woundings into Womb Wisdom!  This is an amazing adventure! And One of my most favorite aspects of Womb Weavings


Once we’ve identified your Womb’s Woundings, Danced with the “Selfs” then shift your wounds into wisdom, we embark upon the Experience of Womb Creations!


What is it YOU wish to Create, to Birth Through YOU?



***NOTE***After your $200 Deposit has been received, you will be redirected to the application page. All questions must be answered for your application to be received.


Your Deposit is 100% Refundable! if your application is NOT approved for some reason.  Then your deposit will be refunded within 24 hours.


Apply Here to Begin Your Journey Deep Within the Sacred Womb.

If your application IS approved, your $200.00 deposit will be DEDUCTED from the 9 Month Birthing fee….