What You Can Expect By Listening to the Womb-A-Thon Replays


Are You a Woman Who Experiences:


  • The Ups & Down on the Emotional     Roller Coaster of Life during Peri-Menopause?


  • Do you sometimes You Feel as though You’re Crazy or Going Crazy?


  • What Happens to Your Physical Body during Peri-Menopause & Menopause?  Mood Swings & Hot Flashes?


  • Bone Loss/Bone Density and the Element of Earth, What?


  • Discover the Connection between Heartbreak, Relationships, Forgiveness and your Life as a Menopausal/Peri-Menopausal Woman!




  • Getting Deep & Personal with the Goddess Lilith and WHY Every Woman Needs to Know & Understand HER Story & Message


  • Why the Time is NOW to Take Steps in Healing Separation & Disconnect so we can Live from a Place of Oneness & Power


  • AND to Stop Being Afraid of your Womb & Embrace it’s Many Gifts Instead….We’re going to show you how!!


  • Your Body has a Natural Response to Trauma, especially Sexual Trauma.  Now it is Time to Give a Voice to your Womb.  LET HER SPEAK OPENING & FREELY!




  • We’re Diving Deep & Getting Personal with Sexual Abuse & Sexual Trauma


  • HOW to Heal the Wounds of Shame & Guilt


  • Do You Use a Cosmic Condom?


  • Why it’s Time to Explore & Discover the Importance of Learning how to Receive Pleasure. even Sexual Pleasure.


Cosmic Explosion


  • Is Your Vagina Angry?


  • How do know if your Womb is a Dead Zone.


  • Does Your Voice & Your Vagina wish to be Expressed & Heard?


  • What’s YOUR Secret you’ve been hiding from?


body betrayal


  • Are YOU Betraying Your Body without even Realizing YOU Are?


  • Understanding the Spiritual Side of Fibroids & the Untold Stories/Creations within your Womb


  • How do you Know if You’re housing “shadow Babies” within your womb?


  • What IS the Womb of Creation/Planting seeds, Mirrors & the Magic Show?


  • Are you a Sacred Womb Sister searching for Village of Support?


  • Are you an Awakened Woman Standing in Her Power with Awareness, Connection, & Wholeness


  • Understanding the Power & Freedom associated with the Sacred Womb & the Divine Feminine/the Sacred Mother.




  • What is your Holy Womb?


  • What happens if you no longer hold a physical womb, ovaries….


  • Want to know WHY it’s time to begin Lowering your inner walls?  Did you know, what you Think you’re keeping out/protecting self from, you’re Also Holding the garbage in?


  • Knowing the Difference Between Your Lower & Higher Desires can Completely Change Your Life!!!


  • What is A Divine Child?




  • How Do You HONOR your Body?  Do you Treat her as the Temple she is do respond with Self Punishment, Consciously or Subconsciously?


  • How to Achieve Self Acceptance


  • You’re a Goddess



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